Set the holiday theme. Of course, when approaching any "red day", to determine the direction is very simple. New year, women's day, Valentine's day, birthday, etc. - with a small list of things that can be noted. If important events are not expected. any excuse. For example, a reunion or just old friends. First, a theme will facilitate a signed invitation. Second, guests will know what they prepare, and what to buy gifts.
Determine the type of the event. Here it is necessary to include fantasy. You can hold a concert, masquerade, prom, disco, competitions to liven up a story, etc. for Example, on the child's birthday will be very useful to warn invitees about the need to dress up in costumes and embodying characters of the beloved tale of a child. Of course, each of these types is better to combine with a buffet or a feast and various contests.
Assign the leading festival. It could be you, the host or active, cheerful, able to work with the public. Perhaps there will be a few. That they have to control everything.
Then proceed directly to writing the script. The fact that after completing the first steps, you clearly present the "look" desired, realize that you want to bring to life. And knowing by what occasion, in what form and with what leading the actions will take place, to Express thoughts on paper is much easier. This option would serve as a blueprint for further work.
Rehearse, and possibly more than one. This is necessary to ensure that the scenario does not remain "white spots". You firmly need to know: how much time is spent on this or that action, in what order they are, and how to fill the void, if formed suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, during the concert, you found out that someone got sick from the speakers. So, you need not panic to fill his time elsewhere.
Pay attention to an important point - the end of the holiday. It needs to be spelled out with absolute clarity and not crumpled. After parting with people is no less important than meeting with them. In this case, also cannot do without imagination. Possibly, in the final, it would be nice to organize fireworks (following the safety). Such a sight will long remain in the memory of guests and will cause them to have admiration. You can do a farewell song and best wishes to each other for the future. Doing this final touch and completing the paperwork, you can begin to translate the plans into reality.