You will need
  • - a sample list of the art rooms and their timing.
  • - a sample list of equipment and props;
  • the list responsible for each program number.
Enter the name of the document you are. The words "scenic plan" write the event name, venue, start and end time. In this part there should be the names responsible for the organisation of the festival, decoration, preparation of props, musical accompaniment. Specify also the leading.
Note that will happen on stage and in the audience before the holiday. This can be, for example, meeting guests. Note what music should sound like what you are doing at this moment, guests and characters. Guests can watch a show, sit down at the table, to participate in the lottery, etc. Characters they meet, conduct sweepstakes or games of a program by subgroups.
Make a table. In the first column you will write the time in the second — the contents of a stage of the holiday, in the third — which need musical accompaniment and props. The words of the leader can add to the second column, but sometimes it's better to do a separate column.
In the first column write the exact start time of celebration. Tell us what this time must occur. For example, sound fanfare, go out the light or punch a clock. Specify that at this time going on stage, to see whether there is a leading or character and what he says.
Enter the start time for the next phase of the holiday. It can be congratulations to the leaders and dramatization, solemn song or anything else at your discretion. Select the duration and don't forget to warn the speakers, how they are given time for speeches.
In exactly the same way, describe the other parts. Decide whether you need to divide each period into smaller fragments. This makes sense if the celebration involved a lot of groups that need different costumes, music and props. But separate rooms can also be combined into blocks, appointing persons responsible for each part of the program.
If the program includes games and contests, just label the units and approximate time. Make the anticipated games list. Specify who will conduct them, under what maintenance and what classes. If it is assumed the division on the team, that's something to say.
If there is a break, determine its beginning and end. Write what makes at this time the public. Don't forget to mention what the track needed. Some points in detail is not necessary. If, for example, the expected performance of a professional team with a large concert program, specify only the start and end time of the speech. The rest of the actors will prepare themselves. The same applies to ordered in another organization, a disco and fireworks.