Select subject classes. Formulate the goal and objectives of the event. They are determined by function extracurricular activities: educational (to form the concept of...", "investigate...", "show..."), educational (to educate the aesthetic sense, love for one's native language, etc.) and educational (to develop speech, memory, a sense of community").
Determine the form, methods (e.g., conversation, lecture, demonstration, demonstration, laboratory work, etc.).
Select materials and equipment that you will need, as well as a place of learning (classroom, gym, Park, stadium, etc.).
Make a schedule where you specify the allotted time for each stage of the event: organizational moment (say a type of activity, summarized the goals and objectives form) to 3 minutes, the main part (the event) up to 25 min, the final part to determine with the children where this knowledge can be applied, etc.) to 7-10 min.
If the class is in the class draw a sketch Board, placement of desks and chairs depending on the selected form.
Collect the necessary material, which should correspond to the form and methods of implementation of the goals and objectives of the lesson, age of pupils.
After the event, analyze it (presence, relevance, and modernity of the theme, focus, depth, and scientific occupations, according to the age peculiarities of students, the preparedness of teachers and students to work, organization and clarity of its implementation).