You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - land plot;
  • - buildings and constructions;
  • - equipment and appliances.
To begin, decide what kind of farming you'd like to do: pigs, poultry or maybe rural economy. The latter, incidentally, is considered the most profitable venture.
Get the registration documents of the firm (e.g., IP, or LLC).
Make a business plan. It is possible that you will need a loan to implement their business ideas, in this case, a detailed plan will be very useful.
Next you will need to solve the issue with the site where will be located your farm. Please contact the local authorities.
If you plan to work in partnership with your relatives, then you should conclude an agreement on the establishment of a farm in order to avoid possible quarrels. Well, if you plan to manage the business without assistance, such agreement to be not necessarily.
Then followed the construction of buildings, contracts for the provision of your farm with electricity, water, heat, etc. At this stage you will need to obtain appropriate permits, and to work to attract employees who specialize in this field.
The next stage - the creation of the team. Farm workers may be your relatives or hired workers.
The arrangement of the farm. To complete the work you will need to acquire equipment, you can buy or rent.