You will need
  • -passport;
  • -statement to the administration;
  • -the cadastral passport;
  • -extract from the cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan;
  • -resolution of authority resolution of the district head;
  • -receipt of payment for the site (if it is provided for a fee);
  • -receipt of payment of registration;
  • -registration of ownership or lease.
All land for farming, regardless of which category of land they relate to the agricultural or to the redistribution Fund, provides the local municipality.
To obtain land and to organize it on a farm, you need to contact the local authorities with the statement. To register as a farmer and to receive the certificate in this is optional. Land for farming and legal registration of the business unrelated. So you can register later, or register as a farmer Manager, who will be entrusted with the immediate conduct of Affairs.
Upon consideration of the application will provide information about the location of the provided land. But this is not a ruling on her transfer.
Need to invite the land management organization to conduct the land survey, topographical survey, demarcation, planning and accurate measurement of the site.
With the received documents, you must contact the registration centre land. To put the land in the cadastre and proceed with obtaining a cadastral passport. Then get a copy of the cadastral plan and the extract from the cadastral passport.
All documents should be submitted to the administration for a ruling on the transfer of land. If land is granted on lease, the lease must be registered at the Federal registration centre. If the land was transferred to the ownership with payment, should pay its cost, to register documents in recentre and get a certificate of ownership.
After registration of the land can be registered as farmer or entrepreneur to create a legal entity.