You will need
  • -passport
  • -statement to the administration
  • -the identity of the farmer or the registration of a legal entity
  • -coordination with architecture
  • -business plan and project
  • -permission from the SES, firefighters and labour inspection
  • -decree of the administration
  • -staff
For example, for the farm with a directed breeding and keeping of cattle will need to buy land and farmland to the identity of the farmer. If business focus is the breeding of small animals or pig farm, then the farmland and the identity of the farmer to do not have. Although the most profitable and profitable development gets the business, which is further used to growing their own animal feed.
For the content of any animals will need land and spacious room, built capital, for breeding animals at any time of the year. For building you need to buy or rent land and to coordinate the construction with the architecture and the local administration.
To conduct extensive business, you must obtain a certificate of farmer or to register as a legal entity. As mentioned above for breeding and cattle breeding is necessary to the identity of the farmer and the land farmland. Because cattle need to graze and harvest large quantities of food for winter.
You will also need a business plan and project. After receiving all documents and complete the construction work should obtain permission from the regional SES, firefighters, the labor Inspectorate.
With all the documents to apply to the administration for the decision to open the farm.
To farm, you would need to hire staff who will directly care for animals, as well as accountant, animal science, veterinary technician. If in addition to grow food on their farmland, you will need to hire an agronomist, because without that person it is impossible to produce timely sowing and harvesting.