You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - the necessary buildings for animals;
  • - land plots;
  • - equipment and appliances.
The creation of their farm – business that takes a person a lot of power. To achieve success in this difficult task, you need to really love it and give it your all. If you decided to create your agriculture work will be expected.
First you need to determine what you plan to do in your agriculture. The fact that there are two directions. The first activity focused on breeding animals of the same species (birds, pigs, cows, etc.). The second is actually agriculture, which is considered the most profitable enterprise.
You then need to register your company (IP or the company) and receive the documents. Now start creating a business plan: what and how are you going to do, calculate the financial component of your plans, plan ways of implementing grown and harvested. It is possible that to purchase the necessary equipment and fertilizers, you will have to contact the Bank for a loan.
Local authorities decide the question of land on which to accommodate your farm. If you are intending to hire your business in partnership with relatives, enclose the agreement on the establishment of the farm.
Then proceed to the construction of buildings, ensuring your company electricity, heat and water. For these works need appropriate permissions and hiring workers who will do all of this.
You can then create a team – your employees may be relatives or people for hire. If your land is small, you can handle him alone. But if the farm be large, without employees is not enough.
Buy equipment (or hire) to provide farm – tractor, combine, etc.