You will need
  • - agriculture;
  • documents;
  • - monthly income;
  • - liquid assets;
If you want to take credit target for the development of private farming (LPH), to determine how much money you need and how long you want to take out a loan. For smallholders, banks give a loan for a term of two to five years, and for agricultural cooperatives and farms to eight.
Also, if at the end of the period during which you must fulfill credit obligations (to return the money to the Bank), you will be more than sixty-five years – bring a close relative who helps you live a farm. It needs to act as the guarantor. His age must not exceed sixty years.
To get a loan for agriculture – contact the Rosselhozbank or the savings Bank. With a pick:
- extracts from household book;
application for a loan;
- a certified employee of a city or village administration application form-passport leading LPH guarantor for a loan;
- the recommendation of the urban or rural authority.
Also prepare documents that confirm your income. For example, if you are a pensioner, a certificate of pensions from the Pension Fund, if you work in is a certificate of the form 2 NDFL. Also it can be documents, which confirm the income from agriculture.
If you want to take credit for the development of PSF in the amount of from fifty to three hundred thousand rubles – bring a friend as guarantor. If you intend to ask the Bank from three hundred to seven hundred roubles – bring two guarantors (in Russian agricultural Bank – three).
If you are unable to earn enough to get a loan – offer the Bank to Deposit their liquid assets, previously insured it as a collateral for the loan. If you personally are smallholders – insure their health and life for the entire loan term. Take all the documents and contact the Bank asking for a loan.