You will need
  • - bloodworms or worms;
  • - bread crumbs, oatmeal or wheat bran;
  • water;
  • - clay or sand.
Prepare the basis for your lure. It should be something delicious that is able to lure and tease fish. Very well as the basis are different butterflies, small maggots and worms. Of the moths can be caught with a butterfly net in nature. Worms need to dig in the ground. And maggots can get, if you pre-spread in a Sunny place a small piece of meat and give it to deteriorate.
как изготовить кормушку для фидера
The Foundation needed to turn to mush. To do this, cut worms, and insects grind or finely crumble.
Prepare the cementing components. For this purpose you can use bread crumbs, oatmeal or wheat bran. Crackers you can buy a ready-made and do it yourself. Sliced bread is first fried and dried, and then grind in a meat grinder. Oatmeal cooked for bait in the same way.
Lay the basis in the nylon bucket. Add back to the cementing components. There should be 60 percent from the main mass of the products. Mix all dry.
Portions pour the water. Each time to thoroughly mix the composition. As a result, you must not be too viscous mass. And much better if the water for bait were you specifically recruited in the pond where you plan to fish.
The composition of a good feeding depends on the type of fish that you are going to catch. We are talking about the difference between deep sea and trolling rod fish. For fish living at depth, the bait should be heavy enough so she could reach the bottom. But not too viscous to its well-eroded area. Therefore, in a dish, add a little ordinary clay or sand. This will increase the weight and throw of the ball. The amount of bait at a time should be the size of a chicken egg.
The fish floating on the surface, the necessary bait is lightweight, capable of a long time to stay afloat. Oatmeal will provide this effect. For once throw the fish in the water ball the size of a walnut.
To bait better preserved, keep it in a plastic bag or nylon bucket. During the fishing process periodically dampen it so that it does not lose its attractiveness to fish.