You will need
  • - semolina;
  • water;
  • pan;
  • - an empty matchbox;
  • old stocking;
  • flavors.
Take two identical glasses. One sprinkle semolina, pour the other in the water. The levels should be the same. Pour the water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. A thin stream pour semolina, simultaneously stirring her spoon in the boiling water. When under constant stirring you get a homogeneous mass, remove the pan from the fire, but not stop interfere with the content.Semolina absorbs moisture quickly, make sure all the grains were filled with it, and there would be dry lumps. Then cover the pan with a lid and wrap it in a towel or warm scarf, let stand 20-30 minutes to complete swelling. Then wait, when the semolina has cooled to such an extent that it can be hold (but it should still be hot), and thoroughly promes added a few drops of fragrant oil.Can be divided swollen semolina into several parts and each add a different oil or different flavors, because you never know what flavor will attract the fish this time, her tastes change frequently. The resulting balls lay on plastic bags. Can go fishing.
Some fishermen do that, however, their bait for fishing it turns out is not worse.Take an empty matchbox and tightly fill it with semolina (you can also add flavor). Close the boxes and tape it on all sides thread. Dip in boiling water and cook for about an hour. Remove, let cool, remove from box. You should get this Manne the block that is easily cut with a knife into portions of the required quantities for fish. Such a nozzle is not off the hook even a strong current.
Finally, another method of preparation of decoys for fishing, this time without cooking.Take an old stocking and pour into it semolina (the quantity you determine, it all depends on how much you need bait). Tie the stocking to the faucet and start to wash semolina under cold running water. To expedite the process, place a hand under the hem of the stocking and methodically lift and drop it, letting the semolina through the water. As leaching from the grains of fine particles, the contents of the stocking is reduced, while in it there will be something more like a rubber than on the rump. Remove from stocking the resulting mass – nozzle ready.