Check the drive belt of the generator, and if possible, it is necessary to change it. The simplest option is to ensure optimum belt tension. This will ensure less noise, but for best result it is necessary to set the roller Shoe or single chain with ants. This Assembly, in contrast to the classical, to allow to reduce unpleasant sounds at times.
Valve are a third of the total noise of the engine, the main reason of which is lack of temperature compensation gaps. To remedy this defect, please install the lash Adjusters. However, this is not a guarantee that all the noise will disappear.
The noisethat appears from under the hood, can also be caused by the carburetor, namely, the system of the air cleaner. Guide the installation of large air cleaners that are put into the intake system of the engine. In addition to its primary function of cleaning the air they will also turn off the noise of the intake.
Against running the engine often enough noticeable noise cooling system. To resolve this problem, install the electric fan, which will rotate often, which does not exceed 3500 rpm, which is quite low. Don't forget the installation of supports of the radiator to complete the interchange electroengine with the vehicle body. If not, then getting rid of one noise, there will be another.
Remember that all the activities on noise reduction engine will not bring the desired effect unless you perform a full sound insulation under bonnet. After all, the sound in the closed space begins to bounce off the walls and amplified, so the noise will only increase. Carefully check the condition of the car, during a change worn out parts – all this will help to reduce sound activity.