You will need
  • Speed Fan.
First check the settings of the fans, using the firmware of the motherboard. Turn on the computer. After the first boot menu, press Delete, and wait for the BIOS menu.
Navigate to Advanced Chipset. It is important to note that in certain models the menu may have a different name. Find the item displays the settings of the fans installed in the system unit. Remember that not all coolers are subject to adjustment. Some models are always rotating with certain constant speed.
Make sure that the function is Always active Fan. If firmware allow you to set a specific speed for the fan, select 100%. Set this value for each available cooler.
Repeatedly press the Esc key to return to main BIOS menu. Use the arrows to highlight Save & Exit Setup and press Enter. Press the Ok button. Wait until the operating system loads.
In situations where the functionality of the firmware is severely limited, use the Speed Fan. Install this program and run it. Wait some time until you will be presented with information on the status of available fans.
Deactivate the automatic change of speed of rotation of the cooler. Install score of 100% for each device. When dealing with mobile computer wiser not to activate maximum speed. This will prolong the life of the laptop without connecting the power supply.
If you want the program to automatically regulate the operation of the coolers activate "Autoscroll fans". Note that after you close the app Speed the Fan speed of the coolers will come to the original value.