You will need
  • tools;
  • - foam;
  • - foam;
  • - sponge for washing dishes.
When buying components for your aquarium pay attention to the compressor. Before going to the store, read the special literature on how the rule is to choose the necessary details for the aquarium. Arriving at the store, listen carefully to everything you tell the seller-consultant. Currently on the market there are many silent compressors that operate almost silently. It is not difficult to guess that these compressors will cost a bit more than usual. However, even silent models can emit a small noise, which causes some discomfort.
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If you have a compressor with a simple type of device, then try to take it apart. For this study a user manual. In it you will find the location of all connections and fastenings. Remove the screws and open the case. Carefully read, as are the internal parts relative to each other. The most common cause the characteristic cracking sound is the friction of the membrane on any exposed part. Find her. You must either carefully sawed, or cut a place which disturbs the membrane to move silently. Do all the procedures very carefully, using the special tool, to avoid damage to other parts.
как сделать сифон для аквариума
To reduce the sound of the compressor you can try to install it on a special stand. It should be made of a material that absorbs vibrations, because the noise caused by the frequent oscillations of the membrane within the compressor. Try put a regular sponge for washing dishes. Than thicker it is, the quieter the sound will be. You can also put the compressor in a small soundproof box. If there is none, use the foam or foam rubber. They wrap the compressor housing and secure the material with rubber bands.
It is worth noting that many compressors after some time of operation are beginning to crack. This can be caused by either a blockage or loosening some internal parts. Disassemble the compressor, locate the parts that are loose and secure them.