Advice 1: How to reduce computer noise?

Computers need cooling. As a consequence, it has enough fans, which in rotation produce irritating noise. There are several ways to reduce its volume.
How to reduce computer noise?
You will need
  • For cleaning and lubrication of fans, you need to stock up on a few grams of motor oil, Phillips screwdriver and a fair amount of patience.
You must first check the correct settings of the fan speed in the BIOS. It is often possible to deal with the fact that the CPU fan is configured for continuous rotation with maximum speed, even if it is the radiator completely cold and CPU is not loaded with work. This excess noise from the rotation, which does not bear absolutely no use to your computer. When the computer boots, press the "Delete" button. Loaded BIOS. Look for the option "Smart fun control". In order for the fans not spinning in vain at maximum speed — this parameter must be enabled.
Check up reliability of fastening of all nodes in the system unit to its corps. Tighten the bolts hard drives, power supply, cover of the system unit. Sometimes loose the device are the source of the noise.
If after adjustment the noise is not gone — apparently the fans are choked with dust, or barely any grease.
Completely power off the computer. Remove the left side cover of the system unit. Often to do this, Unscrew the two screws located on the rear panel of the system unit.

Determine the source of noise is the CPU fan or power supply fan makes most of the noise?
In the first case, you can do a partial disassembly. Put the system unit on its side. Without removing the fan, remove the sticker on the top. Apply one or two drops of machine oil on the bearing of the cooler. Try not to get oil place of sticking the stickers back otherwise you can glue it will be difficult. After that, stick the sticker onto the place.
For the lubrication of power supply fan — you need to remove it. Unplug it from the computer. Unscrew the four mounting bolts from the housing of the system unit. Remove the power supply. Loosen the bolts it covers. Remove it. Now Unscrew the bolts of the fan. In the same way as in the case of the processor fan, remove the sticker. If the bearing is closed with rubber cover — gently remove it. Drip a few drops of oil. Assemble the power supply and connect it to the system unit in the reverse order.
All work on dismantling the computer to produce only at completely de-energized the system unit! Remove the cable plug from the power outlet before starting work!
Useful advice
Regularly clean the computer of dust. This is the main cause of the noise.

Advice 2 : Why laptop hot and noisy

Modern laptop does not differ in performance from fixed personal computers. But the laptop is more prone to overheating and excessive noise, so you should understand why this happens.
Why laptop hot and noisy

Design features

Due to the fact that the laptop is compact and mobile, the devices inside it are much smaller than in the usual stationary PC, so air circulation inside the laptop is broken. That is what most often is the cause of the hot temperature of the device. In order to reduce it, you need to regularly monitor the cleanliness of the cooling system of the laptop and check the thermal paste as needed to reduce the temperature of the processor.

Excessive noise

Noise sources laptop may be several. First, it's the same cooling system. So she worked quietly and efficiently, it must be cleaned regularly, at least 1 time per quarter. Increased noise may come from hard drive, CD drive, graphics card. If the cooling system is clean, tested, and the noise is, it's likely that you will have to carry the laptop in a specialized service center.
The price of cooling pads can vary from 300 to 5,000 rubles, depending on the capacity and additional functionality.

Preventive measures

In addition to cleaning of the cooling system and change thermal paste, the laptop as little as possible to carry from place to place. Even if it is portable equipment, but the quality is not always conducive to changing operating conditions. If the laptop itself is prone to noise, it is not always a defect in the equipment. The fact that some laptops increased power is very demanding on the cooling system, so it may often make noise.

In order to reduce the temperature of the laptop and reduce the load on the cooling system, you need to purchase a special cooling pad, wuauuu cooled air at the bottom of the laptop. If the money to buy it do not, you can slightly tilt the laptop by substituting one edge of either the book or something that can be fixed. This will provide the necessary air circulation at the bottom of the laptop.
Advanced users often do design the cooling system for notebook from old fans. However, in case of failure, the system may damage the USB outputs of the laptop, which will lead to denial of warranty.

Choice silent laptop

To ensure quiet operation of the laptop, you need to ask the seller to turn it on and run some program that will make it hard to work and, consequently, warm. If the noise of ventilation suit the buyer, he can buy it. If the laptop has a powerful, game model, then there will have to find a compromise, as too quiet ventilation means insufficient cooling of the laptop which can lead to premature breakdowns. In other words, the sources of noise from the laptop will be much more.
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