Try to prepare a decoction of rhubarb. To do this, grind dry or fresh stalks of rhubarb 1-2 cups of mix with a glass of crushed roots of rhubarb.
Pour half a liter of dry white wine, put on fire, boil until then, until only half the liquid. After that, strain the broth, cool, strain. Apply on hair and leave for half an hour. Wrap your head with cellophane. You will get a light ash or light brown shade of hair.
Shampoo with the addition of salt to soften the hair. Dry your hair with towel, apply a acacia honey. Spread evenly over entire length of hair and tie a head scarf. Don't insulate them, it will slow down the bleaching process. Mask should be kept on hair for at least ten hours.
After that, rinse off the honey with water. Honey lightens the hair oxidation process, but it works much smoother of hydrogen peroxide. If you want to wash off the paint with colored hair, too, use honey – it will dissolve a part of dye.
If you want to get a quick and strong effect, can the old fashioned way to use hydrogen peroxide. Remember that it can damage your hair. Apply the cream on the skin of the neck at the hairline, so as not to damage it with chemical substances.
Mix 50 grams of hydrogen peroxide and 5 drops of ammonia. If you take too much alcohol, your hair can in the process of dyeing yellow. Mix liquids in a glass or ceramic bowl for mixing do not use metal objects.
Uniformly apply the composition to the hair. Don't keep her hair too long, maximum is twenty minutes. Then carefully rinse off the liquid and rinse hair with a weak solution of Apple cider vinegar.
Try another folk remedy for lightening hair mask from yogurt and lemon. Whisk in a bowl two tablespoons of brandy or vodka, egg, 40 gr of yogurt, juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of shampoo.
Apply the mask on your hair, wrap with plastic or a towel. Keep the mask for several hours, you can apply it at night. Rinse using shampoo and apply hair conditioner.