You will need
  • Gloves, vaseline or cream, paint, hydrogen peroxide, dishes for cultivation of paint, watches.
The traditional lightening dark hair you need to use hydrogen peroxide of different saturation. The concentration of peroxide is determined depending on the desired colorand structure of hairJana bulbs. In the process of lightening dark hair the pigment of the hairand is oxidized by oxygen, which is released from the peroxide, and becomes the demoncolorto the eye. Before you begin to lighten hair, better not wash head. Thanks to the fatty layer on hairAh, the scalp can get a little protection when painting.
Before the actual process of lightening dark hair, be sure to wear gloves.
To prepare the solution can only be used enamel, glass and plastic ware.
Next, you need to prepare a solution. The amount will depend on the density and length of hair. Coloring to the mixture was less harmful, you can add a little shampoo.
The solution is to cook double stock, in the case of a shortage, not to break away from painting. After being distracted, it is possible to lighten the hair's uneven.
The most common prescription solution for lightening hair consists of 40g of perhydrol, 30 grams of water, one teaspoon of ammonium bicarbonate and 30 g of the shampoo. Also, instead of shampoo you can use liquid soap, which will make the solution more dense.
If hairs very thick and dense, it is necessary for staining is to use a 8-12% solution of peroxide, if the average from 6 to 12%, and the thin from 4 to 8%.
Before coloring the hair, the forehead should be lubricated with vaseline or baby cream.
To lighten hairyou need a brush composed of synthetic fibers.
A ready solution to start apply with the back of the head.
For lightening dark hair the solution should be applied to ends first and then roots. The only way to obtain a uniform color of hair.
Don't forget that the most difficult is the clarification of red hair, so it's best to contact an experienced specialist.
Refining regrown dark roots, the mixture should be applied only to the roots. Not to spoil the already bleached hair, you should avoid contact with ink.
So as not to injure the skin of the head, staining can be done only at intervals of a week.