If your hair has not been previously painted, change the color to red or chocolate can home. Apply the hair dye on the entire length and hold as much as written in the instructions. Of course, the ideal colors might not succeed the first time, but the shade changes from black to reddish.
If you have previously dyed hair black, it is better to wait about two months or pre-lighten the hair. Then paint them in another color. Can use the service of a hairdresser, who with the help of special tools will "wash" of black color. Then you can safely repaint the hair.
Dyeing in light or white tones will take more time. Black responds poorly to bleaching, but this is not a natural hair color. If you've never used paint, you can rely on the result that is specified on the reverse side of the package with paint. But is white in color, most likely, will not work.
If you've dyed hair black, then you should exercise patience, for change of color will take about three months, because paint can not more often than once a month. This rule specially applies to the lightening means. After each dyeing, the hair color will lighten in 2-4 colors. And of course, the hairdresser to make this procedure much safer than at home. Professional paint easier to overcome black color than those available in stores.