Dark hair lightens in stages, gradually achieving the desired light shade. It is not recommended to use deprecated methods, clarification using drugstore hydrogen peroxide and peroxide – this bleaching spoils the hair and disrupts their structure.
In any store cosmetics and perfumery manufacture you will find a lot of modern facilities for a more gentle brightening on the basis of peroxide, with detailed instructions for use. These tools you can try to lighten hair at home.
However, it is best for such a serious operation on his own hair to contact a qualified hair salon. Blonding in the cabin will be of higher quality than the effect that you will achieve on their own at home.
Only after a drastic hair lightening preparations containing hydrogen peroxide, a stylist will select for you the best shade of blonde and suggest a suitable paint.
Such a clarification gives the hair serious load, makes them thinner and weaker. If you decide to lighten black hair, be prepared for the fact that after reaching the desired shade, you have to pay attention to the improvement of the hair – use masks, special shampoos and conditioners for colored and bleached hair and other additional means, giving a therapeutic effect.