Hair coloring always damages their structure, therefore, improper bleaching can lead to dryness, breakage and hair loss. To avoid such undesirable consequences of your experiment with your appearance, it is better to turn in a hair salon. Usually for these purposes, professionals use so-called "slanderous a wash", which includes, Bandaran, oxidizer, water and shampoo.
To lighten the hair gradually.

It is necessary to paint only the roots of hair, each time choosing the paint a couple of shades lighter than the base shade.

It is not necessary to process the ends, which you have already painted before, otherwise you will damage them. Thus, gradually brightening the roots, over time you will achieve the necessary light tone.
There are also several popular recipes. To use radical methods such as bleaching with hydrogen peroxide or gidroperita very dangerous, so it is better to resort. Use natural agents such as honey and lemon juice, they are certainly not going to hurt you, of course, if you are not allergic.
To lighten hair with honey or lemon, you need to wash and dry. Then apply honey or lemon juice along the entire length of the hair and put on a thin scarf. Keep this mask takes about ten hours, so it's best to do it at night. Lightening exposed, mainly the roots, with your natural color, so you will have to lighten gradually over a long period of time.
Lighten your hair using chamomile tea, after each shampooing. This method is more efficient than the previous one, and will not cause an allergic reaction.