You will need
  • -med;
  • or burdock oil;
  • any decoction of chamomile and glycerin;
  • or yogurt;
  • or lemon;
  • or remover;
  • any clarifying shampoo
Try out lightening hair with honey. It is an old folk remedy. And even to lighten hair it helps not always, but the advantage of it wholly. It is believed that honey stands out the substance that acts on the hair like hydrogen peroxide and therefore lightening them. However, hope for a clear lightening black hair is not worth it, especially if they are dark by nature. Most noticeable effect will be on colored hair - dark pigment of them washed out soon. But the use of this mask will have more than once. In any case, the hair will grow better and become healthier.
Wash your hair, towel dry, massage the honey. Calculate the amount in advance, based on the length and thickness of hair. To lighten hair it is recommended to use the acacia honey. It is necessary to hold the mask for at least several hours - the more the better. Do not wear cellophane cap, better wrap the head with towel or kerchief. If you have enough patience, you can go to sleep with this mask.
As a folk lightening means to apply the yogurt and mayonnaise, light beer. Again, the effect is more pronounced if the mask applied to dyed hair. This includes the classic folk remedy for hair care - oil. All this is rather extra ways after a failed transformation into a brunette. They will help to soften the too bright shade of paint. For best results, these masks should be done several days in a row.
Some women use chamomile. But Daisy probably dyes his hair in Golden color than it really brightens them. Enhance the effect by adding 50 g of glycerol in a solution of chamomile and hold the mask on your head for half an hour.
More radical means - lighten dark hair lemon. After washing your hair rinse them with lemon juice. Hair will Shine and a few times will be a little lighter. However, do not overdo it with concentration of juice - lemon can make your hair dry and brittle.
The real way to significantly lighten dark hair is to use a wash. This tool washes away the pigments of the hair and restores their natural color. Buy a wash at the store of hairdressing supplies. Remember that this is a chemical agent that damages the hair and dries them. After this procedure regularly take care of them and make a mask. It would be better if a wash will make you an experienced hairdresser.