Go to the website and in the "Copy target URL" to specify any URL, for example Next, click on "Generate IPLOGGER-url". IPLOGGER will save all the addressand passing on this link, and to record the date and time when was the transition.
Send a link to which is in the first field, the user's IPaddress which you wish to learn. But preview the message to make sure that you have not got any tags. Somewhere, for example, in a notebook or desktop computer, copy the ID IPLOGGER. He will appear at the bottom of the page and will need to continue to view the statistics.
Click "View statistics". If the person you sent the message, clicked the link, it will appear in the list. If the list is empty, after some time, update the page by clicking the Refresh button or F5 button on your computer keyboard.
To find the IPaddress of the user on the forum, he will not have to follow the link. Send him a personal message IPLOGGER-picture. Better if it is invisible. On the website click on the link "Generate an invisible IPLOGGER".
A link in the first box, copy to your blog. The code located in the second field, copy and paste the message you need. Opening your message, he won't suspect a thing, since the picture will remain invisible.
Go to and click "View statistics". If it's empty, make a page refresh by clicking the Refresh button or F5 button. Once a person will open your message, in a table of viewing statistics to display the IPaddress.