Search the Internet and download the free database of mobile operators. Remember that, as a rule, information in databases that can be freely found on the Internet is outdated and has long since lost its relevance. But maybe the next person you figure, you have registered your number for a long time and you are lucky enough to find relevant information about it.
Refer to the free search services that are also in abundance on the Internet. Don't settle for the provocation alleged to send cheap SMS messages to a short number and get the information you want. As a rule, the cost of the message will be many times greater than shown on the website, and the information you no one will give. Claims, as you know, also present will be nobody. Except that to draw conclusions. Try to use the following free resources to find the necessary information about the subscriber: and
Try to find out the information from the Manager, accepting payment for services of cellular communication in the nearest point of reception of payments. The fact is that when you put money into the account of his mobile phone and called his number, the Manager sees your personal data that you specified when signing the contract with the operator. Use this fact for their own purposes. Think in advance the legend, which will soften the Manager. For example, you decide to replenish your account on your mobile phone your grandmother is in the hospital and you can't have, and the last digit of her phone forgotten. Ask the Manager to help, because he can tell you who was interested in you. Of course, it may not happen. All will depend on your acting skills and the ability to bluff. In case of failure, turn around and go to another salon. Since they are now in every city on every corner.