In advance check with mom, whom she was glad to see on your birthday. Perhaps we should prepare some for her pleasant surprise and to invite her school friends, with whom she had not seen.
Make something more original invitations for your guests. It will be interesting to prepare not purchase standard greeting cards, and, for example, to draw them to the printer with the image of mother and saying that she would love to see them on your celebration.
In advance try to figure out what she would like to receive as a gift. But don't forget about its beautiful design and greeting card where you will be able to Express in words all the love and respect that she feels for her.
Start to rejoice in this day the birthday girl the morning. For example, at the time, how will you prepare for the holiday and meeting the guests, the mother can go to a beauty salon for a massage or relaxation treatments.
Consider theme parties, based on the wishes and the interests of your mom. For example, you can arrange a holiday in the Italian style, if it is a long time dream to visit Italy, and to create the atmosphere of this country in your home. Or organize a celebration in honor of mother's day of birth in any Italian restaurant.
Prepare the elements of the national costume is not only for the birthday girl and your family, but also for the invitees.
Do not forget about the decoration of the room. Everywhere hang pictures of different parts of Italy. Cook or order in restaurant exotic Italian dishes.
If financial resources allow, schedule a performance by Italian dancers and invite your mother to dance.
Prepare a highlight video from the family archive. My mother will be happy to plunge into the memories of the most pleasant events of his life.
Consider interesting contests involving moms, guests, and the husband of the birthday girl. For example, you can prepare for dad the questions, allowing to emphasize that he remembers and appreciates their first dates, surprises, memorable places and dates.
Prepare a wall newspaper, in which not only the members of your family but also guests can write their kind words and wishes to the birthday girl.
Try to surround this day your mother's care, warmth, love. This day of birth will delight and touch her to tears.