Anniversary preparations begin with the search for suitable premises. For this you should know at least approximately what number of guests you expect, and what will be their composition.
Decorate the place of celebration balloons and garlands, flags, greetings and wishes, create a newspaper, where you will be able to see the celebrant at different periods of his life, and accompany the photos with humorous captions. You can make the Honor roll, on which are displayed the achievements of the celebrant.
Be sure that the holiday will be remembered if your guests will not just observe the vote and take an active part. When compiling the script definitely consider it. And if you have the opportunity, drawing up a programme for an upcoming event, provide well-reputed specialists.
Consider the greeting part of the event. To do this, it makes sense to distribute to the participants of the poems and toasts, if they do something not prepared.
The informal part of the occasion can be plain or themed. For example, try compiling the script based on the some of the well-known Comedy ("the diamond arm", "12 chairs", "Operation y", etc.) or dedicate it to the sea, exotic country or a historical event.
Try to hold a contest on epithets, describing the hero of the day. The one who say the last non-recurring epithet, gets the medal For "eloquence". In the same sense, you can arrange a quiz on "do you Know the hero of the day".
Very interesting might look contest-que. For it will offer guests 7-8 words – ready rhymes and give yourself time to compose an ode, dedicated to the host of the celebration.
Find out in advance what the celebrant's favorite song, print out the words and hand out to guests. Her choral performance will not leave indifferent person, and participants are brought together and unite.
Fun and interesting guests will be greeted by a colorful Gypsy that can "nagadali" hero of the day, good luck, happiness in family life, tight purse, etc.
Swipe among the guests of the contest – ask them blindfolded to draw a portrait of the celebrant. And the winner is awarded a bottle of champagne the one whose portrait will look the best.
To cheer the people also organized a comic contest for the best "shooting" of a movie or staging a theatrical production. If you make it in your script, don't forget to prepare in advance the necessary elements of the outfits, the scenery, etc.
In preparation for a feast, consider the degree of familiarity of people and their ages. If your company all people are adults and know each other, it makes sense to develop a program with an erotic twist, which will include songs, dances, various contests and related jokes. Remember that a good script without vulgarity, vulgarity, and unpleasant hints that will raise a smile on people's faces and cheerful laughter, leaving no one indifferent.