Step away from the established clichés that the fiftieth anniversary should certainly be noted in an expensive restaurant, calling for the celebration of cousins, aunts and former classmates with their wives and children. Often, this celebration turns into a contest of "Who is better". Men come in expensive cars and take suits from famous fashion designers in the us women wear all the jewelry that in no case do not look less successful than others. If you really wanted to celebrate the anniversary the restaurant, invite dear people: immediate family, best friends, whose sincerity you are confident.
If your anniversary falls during the warm time of the year, mark it outdoors. Probably even if you are vigorous and young at heart, your loved one may not separate the joy from sitting on the wet grass near the anthill, so make sure about their comfort. You can rent a house at the tourist camp, or at least to bring folding tables, chairs and parasols. Don't forget the mosquito repellent.
Barbecues in the forest, you seem too bland? If you do not have problems with finances, take expensive for you people and go for a weekend abroad. What could be better than a birthday on the beach? Or walk through the souvenir shops of Paris, then dinner with his family in a trendy restaurant.
Perhaps you have a dream, which you used to procrastinate? But when else to do it, not in the fiftieth anniversary? All my life I dreamed to jump with a parachute? Take loved ones, a bottle of champagne and go to the airport – you will congratulate the anniversary of when you successfully land. All my life I wanted to learn to roller skate, but after I went to sixth decade? Don't hesitate, take the family and go to the nearest stadium to your birthday they can't refuse you. The fiftieth anniversary need to meet so that you have nothing to regret, because you are opening a new round of your life.