Advice 1: How to get rid of cowardice

The fear a person has an ulterior motive. His task is to protect from folly. When fearfulness inappropriate for the situation and there is no real danger, it is about cowardice. It is possible and necessary to fight.
How to get rid of cowardice
List the situations in which you, in your opinion, show cowardice. Choose to start one, not the most serious, and try to work with it.
Rate the real danger. Maybe you present yourself to excessive demands and a sense of fear in this situation is justified. Not equal to others – we're all different. If the threat really exists, then you have not cowardice, but a reasonable concern. Think about how you can avoid a similar situation. If your feelings are groundless, proceed to the next step.
Imagine the possible negative consequences of the situation. No matter how they were unrealistic, they scare. Allow yourself to be scared, bring the situation in your imagination to the point of absurdity.
Sometimes the technique used is the representation of one's own death. That is, any frightening situation - from public speaking and familiarity with the girl before driving and extreme sports in the imagination ends in death. This technique is suitable or not – decide for yourself.
Think about why you are afraid. Often the greatest fear arises in situations that are very important for us. For example, the prettier a girl is going to meet you, the more serious the exam, more significant than public speaking, the greater the jitters, and the more you'll want to walk away from the situation.
Learn to relax. Will help you breathing exercises, switching attention, exercises for muscle relaxation, meditation. The simplest breathing exercise is to reduce the pause between inhalation and exhalation and increase the time of exhalation.
Aiming to get into the situation that scares you. But start small. Every overcoming fear – your victory. Do not stop there, and after some practice you will forget that such cowardice.

Advice 2: How to get rid of parasites in the body

Almost everyone has at least once suffered a parasitic disease. Unfortunately, most often these are children. Parasites can live in the intestine, kidney, liver, lungs, muscles and in the eyes of man. They cause irreparable damage to health.
Nuts - one of the oldest funds in Borje parasites
Select, how will you deal with parasites: medication or using natural remedies.
Pay attention to the pros and cons of medical technique. Pharmacies is a wide range of chemicals for pest control. Usually with these medications is fast and efficient. However, these drugs often cause allergic reactions. In addition, many of them do not expel the worms from the body, and kill them. As a result, the body formed decomposition products, which cause nausea, headache and cramps in the stomach.
If you decided to deal with pests by using chemical drugs, refer to specialists. Do not self-medicate. Remember, there are many different types of parasites. And for each type it is necessary to apply different medicinal products.
Please note that unlike chemical medicines, herbs act more gently. They do not violate the intestinal microflora. In addition, folk remedies allow you to not only kill adult parasites and their larvae.
Use one of the old folk methods of pest control. Grind one Cup of partitions of a walnut. Pour a glass of vodka. Allow the nuts to sit for days. Take on an empty stomach, gradually increasing the dose. So, the first day drink 5 drops, second day — 10 and day 20 drops. Next, take 20 drops in a month once in a day.
As the dead parasites decompose and poison the body with toxins, any of the methods of treatment to combine with enemas. Clean your body of parasites, and be healthy!
Parasites, dear readers, many not only around us but also inside the human body. To get rid of them available by popular means. There is a fairly simple and cheap way of removing almost all types of "internal" parasites: 10 parts of flax seed and 1 part clove need to grind through a coffee grinder and make teaspoons.
Useful advice
Recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of parasites folk remedies: 1) 10 cloves of garlic, taken with melted milk, expelled all kinds of worms. 2 hours after ingestion of garlic need to drink a laxative. At worms it is recommended to eat in the morning on an empty stomach a few leaves of sorrel. How to get rid of parasites using the "triad" Khel'di Clark: Helen Clark proposed to use three types of plants that kill most parasites, viruses and bacteria.

Advice 3: How to get rid of scars

Scars for centuries the decoration of men. Today, however, it is a moot point. And similar “decorations”, or rather the desire to get rid of them today are concerned both men and women.
How to get rid of scars

Scars or scars can have different origins, however, only competent and timely treatment allows to hope that to get rid of the scars.

To the question about how to quickly get rid of existing scars did not arise in principle, it is necessary to give the issue of proper healing of the scar should be almost immediately after the skin has been damaged. It should be remembered that the antiseptic treatment of damage should be carried out carefully, without damaging the formed crust. In this case we can speak about the minimal risk of scarring.

Deep skin damage is always accompanied by scar formation. To completely get rid of last is impossible, but you can take steps to make it as invisible.

To get rid of scars it is virtually impossible. Most often you will want to contact the experts that, depending on the type of scar, choose certain methods and drugs.

Hypertrophic scars are subjected to different kinds of correction. For example, use a compression action by using the silicone plates and gels. In order to smooth the scars of this category, introduced the medicines with injections or ultrasound. Quite popular methods are grinding and peeling, in all its diversity. Not uncommon the use of cryotherapy and removal with vascular laser.

Treatment of atrophic scars fit depending on their size and limitation of the appearance. Small and fresh scars are treated with injections on the basis of specialized hyaluronic acid gel. However, this method for maximum effectiveness to not count, to repeat injection is necessary after six months. Often enough is also used peels and resurfacing.

The most modern way of dealing with scars experts call a laser, in which the stimulation in the tissues of the rumen, which promotes the production of collagen fibers necessary.

The most difficult in the healing process are considered to be keloid scars that require not only the injection of special medications, but often surgery or laser therapy.



Advice 4: How to get rid of flux

Flux (odontogenic abscess) originates from the German word "Fluss", which means "current, flow". Treatment of the tooth flux in the initial stage (without the formation of abscess in the oral cavity) is with antibiotics, which prevent further inflammation. Subsequently, they relieve the pain and swelling. But if the gums are already present in the pus, get rid of the flux you will only experienced doctor.
How to get rid of flux
You will need
  • - antibiotics (only on prescription)
  • - sage
  • - Segalovich planifolia
  • - goričnike Russian
Treatment of a flux
If you experience a flux is necessary to visit a doctor to examine the affected area and advised treatment.
The treatment is performed in the dental clinic. The doctor anaesthetises the area of the gums (near teeth) and produces all the necessary actions for elimination of flux.
After the procedure, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents that relieve pain and inflammation.
After you leave the clinic, you must refrain from eating food for 2-4 hours.
To take antibiotics that are prescribed by a dentist, need a few days, from 5 to 7 (on medical advice).
Gradually swelling, pain and inflammation will take place. By the end of the medication they disappear altogether.
The use of folk remedies
Folk remedies are not able to remove the flux, but can relieve pain. Dissolve 300 g of boiling water 2 tablespoons sage, eryngium Planum, goricnica Russian. Rinse your mouth 7-8 times a day. For pain in the tooth should wet cotton wool and apply to tooth.
Observing all the above instructions, you will be able very soon to get rid of flux and again to enjoy your favorite food. Discomfort to disturb you no longer.
Useful advice
Important recommendations that will be useful:

- you should not make yourself no bandages;

- do not apply hot compresses (they accelerate the spread of pus);

- do not take antibiotics before going to the doctor.

Advice 5: How to get rid of a bruise

The question of how to get rid of bruises, concerned, perhaps, not only children but also women who are this unfortunate fact prevents to wear a fashionable dress or a short skirt. To the bruises did not prevent the scheduled event, you must quickly respond to injury, and avoiding strong manifestations of bruising.
How to get rid of a bruise

For starters, you need to attach to the site of injury something rather cold, for example, ice. Cold, acting on the vessels, narrows them, which is fast enough to stop the blood flowing under the skin, and relieves pain.

If people at hand was not, may come to the aid of elastic bandage, which presses the damaged blood vessels, which prevents quite a large hematoma.

To get rid of a bruise that has appeared with the help of drugs, in which the main elements are the chestnut, heparin, leech saliva and calendula.

By the way, a cold compress of the crushed inflorescences of calendula, immersed in a concentrated welding also is an excellent remedy which will help to quickly get rid of a bruise.

In folk medicine, from the appearance of bruises is recommended to use a cabbage leaf, which previously recommended to remove the hard vein, slightly knead, in order to have the juice. Change the cabbage leaf is desirable as it dries.

Another recommended natural healer of bruises is comfrey, whose leaves are also applied to the site of injury.

The best way in order to get rid of bruises, recognizes a plant called mullein. To prevent its occurrence, it is recommended to use fresh flowers from which the stamens removed, moisten with water and apply the inner side to the injury. In this way, the bruise may not appear absolutely, and if it is already available, with regular changing of the flowers, to get rid of a bruise can be roughly about six hours.

For those who have no idea what a herb called "mullein", is recommended to pay attention to a mug or a mother-and-stepmother. Fresh leaves of these plants also stretch and apply less pubescent party to the bruised places.

If the bruise is still quite large, then, a day after his appearance, the specialists recommend to use a pepper patch, which contributes to the rapid resorption of a hematoma, making the bruise less noticeable and inconspicuous spot.



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