List the situations in which you, in your opinion, show cowardice. Choose to start one, not the most serious, and try to work with it.
Rate the real danger. Maybe you present yourself to excessive demands and a sense of fear in this situation is justified. Not equal to others – we're all different. If the threat really exists, then you have not cowardice, but a reasonable concern. Think about how you can avoid a similar situation. If your feelings are groundless, proceed to the next step.
Imagine the possible negative consequences of the situation. No matter how they were unrealistic, they scare. Allow yourself to be scared, bring the situation in your imagination to the point of absurdity.
Sometimes the technique used is the representation of one's own death. That is, any frightening situation - from public speaking and familiarity with the girl before driving and extreme sports in the imagination ends in death. This technique is suitable or not – decide for yourself.
Think about why you are afraid. Often the greatest fear arises in situations that are very important for us. For example, the prettier a girl is going to meet you, the more serious the exam, more significant than public speaking, the greater the jitters, and the more you'll want to walk away from the situation.
Learn to relax. Will help you breathing exercises, switching attention, exercises for muscle relaxation, meditation. The simplest breathing exercise is to reduce the pause between inhalation and exhalation and increase the time of exhalation.
Aiming to get into the situation that scares you. But start small. Every overcoming fear – your victory. Do not stop there, and after some practice you will forget that such cowardice.