Naive people may "substitute", to select the last, taking the money if in debt, arrange travel for work! Real life, alas, is harsh. And the payback for the child's naivete is sometimes excessively hard. So what to do? How to avoid these problems? The answer is only one – need to get rid of naivete. This, of course, does not mean that people should lean over backwards, becoming paranoid and seeing everyone a potential criminal. Everything is good in moderation. But reasonable vigilance and care, and yet no one never hurt.
Try to remember to tell you: the ideal society is only in fairy tales. In reality, along with the good, decent people caught villains, and just not the best representatives of the human race. You surely have not forgotten the sensational story with the MMM, for example!
You certainly had to hear the complaints of what some grandmothers, retired on shameless firmachey, having had to buy them for big money boxes with "miracle drug" that turned out to be a cheap dietary Supplement. You once told me a sad story, as a good naive person to literally "survive" from service colleagues, intriguing against him and tuning guide. Consider this: after these defrauded investors, pensioners, employees poisoned could be you! More than that – almost certainly will be if you don't stop to look at the world through rose-coloured spectacles.
Here's another good argument immensely naive and trusting people can hurt not only themselves but also the people you want. There was little cases where a naive mother, without hesitation in signing a document, slipped her scams, deprived of all property! Worse – were thrown into the street, along with the children! She believed that all people are good, that it will not be deceived – and the payback was very cruel. Often think about this, remember such cases. This will help you to get rid of naivete.