You will need
  • Paper;
  • handle.
For starters, change your attitude to the events of your life. What a person thinks, then it happens. It's not magic. Your thoughts affect your behavior and actions already provoke change reality in one way or the other. So always think only in a positive way, don't allow thoughts of failure, treat setbacks as temporary phenomenon and source of experience.
Believe in your strength. Believing in yourself is another way to attract trouble. Its action is similar to that described above. To get rid of the black strip in life, don't doubt that you are worthy of only good, and also that will definitely able to achieve that.
Don't complain. Starting to complain and feel sorry for yourself, you relax, allowing yourself to quit fighting, to give up. Besides, this behavior alienates those around you, depriving you of the full support.
Responsibility for their actions. Only you can make my life better or worse. And the circumstances you can always turn in your favor.
Live in the present. Memories of past events and dreams of the future will not help you change your present and build a life of which you dream. To get rid of the black strip in life, focus on what is happening around you in the present moment, on what you can do to overcome the difficulties.
If you want to solve your problems, realize that their cause lies in you, in your behavior, in your actions. Only taking responsibility for your actions, you will have an impact on what happens to you.
Taking a problem, make a clear plan of action to solve the problem. Complex cases break into several small and set specific deadlines. And having made a plan, begin to translate it into reality, to get rid of the black strip.