Use the most effective and time-tested advice: train yourself to count to ten every time you feel that the excerpt you are about to change. Push yourself slowly to rehearse all the numbers from one to ten, and then say what was going. Even if the word does not change, the emotional tone and their color will be different.
Sign up for yoga and meditation classes: in these classes you provided and theoretical training that helps you understand the secrets of peace and the ability to abstract from worldliness, and the ability to get rid of some accumulated energy not through emotional outbursts, and after exercise.
Refer to the exercises that is building patience in a number of the most important virtues of man. Not necessarily becoming a follower of a belief, learn from them what relates to the education of the desired quality.
Bring any job to the end. Going on about it and throwing something, come back to it after a while. Gradually, the breaks will be shorter, and soon disappear altogether. Force yourself to go back, and soon your position will change. Permanent oppression of the backlog of cases tiring, and you will strive to do everything right the first time so was not required to resume the activities again and again.
Use the principles of breathing exercises to develop patience. Let a few minutes in the morning to try to perform at least one exercise. The results will not take long, and soon you will want to master the entire complex. Don't start doing everything at once, lest it become unpleasant mandatory action, to get involved gradually, and it will not cause you any inconvenience.
Indulge yourself in the memorable lines - that gives you pleasure. Allow yourself a cake, just write on a piece of paper: "Today, I'm not insulted in a tram", and hang it on the mirror. Or allow yourself to relax while watching a favorite movie.
Find time for new Hobbies that will require patience and perseverance. A lot of options: it may be beading, puzzles, build models of ships or cars and much more.