First remember when you first felt the fear of the dark, the sequence of events that accompanied. Most likely, the fear began in childhood. Focus and relive the whole gamut of emotions, trying to adjust them. Imagine that all ends happily, for example, to your room my mother comes in and turns on the light. Working on his fears, settled in your mind in the past, you will no longer fear them in the present.
People trapped in a dark room, can experience a sense of loneliness. It is dangerous, that can cause its appearance to fear of the dark. To get rid of it, an adult requires more time than the child. Take their weapons a few simple steps: turn on the TV or put on listening to the audiobook. The feeling of presence in the men's room. Over time, the feeling of loneliness will pass and to deal with fear of the dark will be easier.
Adults suffering from fear of the darkand prefer to sleep with the light on, as they can be difficult to cope with his imagination, which can draw in the dark is the most creepy images and scenes. Not to get exorbitant bills for electricity, try to explore the room with the lights off: go in all corners, make sure there is nothing that could be of concern to you. You can follow the other way: gradually reduce the amount of light in the room, leave included, for example, only a table lamp or a night light.