You will need
  • - Rag;
  • - linseed oil;
  • - oil (castor, vegetable or olive);
  • - Hairdryer
  • - goose fat;
  • wax.
The simplest way to get rid of shoes from squeaking – moisten the cloth and put on her own boots or shoes, leave overnight. Due to moisture the sole of shoes and leather are a little softened, because of this creaking pass. But in this case there is no absolute guarantee that a week later she again will hum. So you can use the following method.
If creaks the sole, soak it heated until hot linseed oil. An alternative can be castor, olive or vegetable oil, which should be thoroughly rubbed on the sole. We must act very carefully, otherwise you can damage expensive shoes. Linseed oil should not be a lot, enough for a few drops. After impregnation soak shoes during the day. If you overdo it with linseed oil in his feet while wearing this Shoe may experience an unpleasant burning sensation. But in this case, you can correct the mistake by rubbing the sole of 3% acetic acid.
Take a Hairdryer, turn it on medium power and produce heat treatment soles squeaky shoes both outside and inside. Warm up for five minutes, then mash it thoroughly. This activity is quite time-consuming and complicated, but actually very effective. The sole will be resilient and flexible, and the creaking will disappear. The shoes will be softer, which is important for a comfortable walk, especially if you like to walk.
If creaks the skin, in this case, you can help any fat, which is necessary to process the outer part of the Shoe. You can use a mixture of goose fat and wax in the ratio 3:1, which before use to melt and mix thoroughly.
Soak all the seams of the shoes a preheated castor oil or hot wax. You can use a special means for lubrication of the Shoe. It can be cream or wax with addition of natural oils.