You will need
  • - animal fat;
  • wax;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - Hairdryer.
If for any reason, replace the defective boots you can't or don't want, try to figure out what it is, and eliminate defect independently. Sometimes the boots creak, if dratwa (thread, which was sewn part) is too tight and unevenly torqued. When you walk, the sole changes shape unevenly, which leads to creaking. To change you nothing can go active - dramma a little stretch, and the creaking will stop.
Carefully examine the leather of the boots. It can be also one of the reasons for the publication of unpleasant sounds, if it have any cracks, swellings and other marriage. Or when sewing a Shoe stuck inside it earth, sand and other foreign particles. In this case, you can squeak one boot and, unfortunately, there is a strong likelihood that none of the steps to a positive result will not.
Try to treat the surface of the skin with animal fat or a mixture of molten wax. Fat in this mixture should be three times more. Apply it on skin and leave for a day. Hot wax or castor oil you can soak in the boots all the stitches.
Don't forget every day to take care of your boots with special creams. They can help to give the skin more elasticity and softness, and she will disappear.
If you hear creaking when you bend in the hands of the sole of the boot, try taking them to a Shoe shop, because it is possible that the fault is in the sound effect of poorly recorded or improper arch support, and its replacement will solve the problem.
From the squeak of leather boots, you can get rid of three common methods:- heat some oil. Suitable sunflower, olive, castor, linseed and linseed oil. Apply several drops to soles and RUB them well. You can leave your boots oiled overnight and then treat the sole of 3% vinegar;- moisten the cloth with water and put it on your boots for the night. Perhaps the next morning they won't squeak. But most likely this procedure you have to repeat a few more times;- you have to heat the sole with a Hairdryer inside and outside and knead it in your hands. This procedure is time-consuming, so charge it to the man. Repeat it have a few times.
To publish a squeak and the insole of the boot. Try to remove and carefully wipe dry with soap boots on the inside and reverse side of the insole.