Professional help

The safest and most effective way to stretch the shoes in a certain place to give it to the shop. There on the heel will cause a special tool, and then put shoes on a wooden Shoe, which adjusts to the desired length. After a while you will be able to take the shoes and wear them without any problems.
To do this you can and at home. To do this in a Shoe store to purchase a stretcher and a wooden block. Because of this you will be able to solve this problem on other shoes.

The use of improvised means

In the Shoe leather to try to soften the heel with alcohol. To do this properly wet cotton wool or a cloth in alcohol solution and wipe the inner part of the trouble spots on the shoes. Then cover the heel with a band-aid, wear thick socks and walk in the shoes until then, until it finally dries out.
Instead of alcohol you can use castor or mineral oil, but in the end the surplus of the funds must be removed by using tissue paper. And apply oil only on the inner surface of the Shoe.

Make the skin softer with a hammer and cloth. To do this, put the Shoe back on a hard surface, the inside of the back cover with a cloth and gently tap it with a hammer a few minutes.

The heel on suede shoes can be softened by steam. Just hold it over boiling water the Shoe so that the place that rubbed, became slightly damp. Then walk around in the Shoe, putting it on thick socks.

If rubbed the back of shoes from natural leather, apply problem place wax or a small amount of liquid soap. Then walk around in shoes a few hours of wearing them again on your toes. And rubber shoes can be a bit of a stretch, if the wet backs inside and out in hot water, then also walk in them for a while.

Use special silicone stickers that you can buy in a pharmacy or Shoe store. Glue them to the place of rubbing on the Shoe inner side and enjoy long walks. They keep very well, so are perfect for rubbing backs. Typically, these stickers are transparent, so they will be unobtrusive even on colored shoes. And to be sure to solve the problem of rubbing, don't forget for the first time to stick to the heel a band-aid.