You will need
  • program for file recovery
Determine whether the file system turned into RAW. Go to "My computer", click the icon to disk , right-click, select the drop-down menu "properties".
Let's see what is written in "type" and "file system". If the type is Local disk and the file system is RAW – this means that your drive needs to be rebuilt. To restore you need to use program to restore files such as Easy Recovery Pro, File Recovery Pro, Recover4all Professional, RecoverMyFiles, Recuva and various other programs. Note that the file system is RAW blocks access to the structure of the disk due to incorrect geometry values, the logical partition in the partition table, partial damage in the boot sector of the file system or the destruction of the structure of the master file table MFT. All stored files are not deleted from disk, if it is not formatted. If, however, the formatting was produced, it is necessary for the restoration of the use of deep restoration method.
Install a file recovery program to your computer. For quick recovery it is recommended to use such a simple program like Recuva. If they don't, then you need to use a professional program.
Select to restore the disk program. Select "find deleted files" and wait until program will find all deleted files.
Select the menu item "restore all" and then select the folder to restore. It should be located on any drive except the restore.
Wait for the recovery files, then open the folder and sort the recovered files according to the directories. For working with images can help the program that performs the sorting based on the exif entries in the graphic file. Sorting is done by date of execution of the picture.