You will need
  • - computer with Windows;
  • program Get Data Back.
To work with hard drives, which prevails this file system is impossible. When you try to open a section of the hard drive, usually a window appears with the notification formatting. Therefore, it is necessary to restore a regular file system. Only then will you get access to the hard disk.
Need to solve the problem based on the situation. If the hard disk file system RAW is the information you need, you can try to restore it. Just try to, because no one can guarantee that the information will be restored.
For recovery you need the program Get Data Back. You can download it from the Internet and install it on your hard disk. On a hard drive partition with file system RAW you program to put will not.
Run Get Data Back. In the program menu, select the hard disk partition has a file system RAW. Then select "Recover information". Note - the data recovery process can be very lengthy.
If you failed to recover data using the program but the hard drive has information that is very important to you, then you can avail of special services service centers in recovering information from hard drives. Although in this case absolute guarantee you will not get.
If the section of the hard drive has no important information, then there is much easier. When a dialog box appears with the notification about the formatting, select file system. To do this, click on the arrow near the window, and then click "Start". A window will appear notifying you that all data will be deleted. Confirm the formatting with OK. After a few seconds the hard drive partition will be formatted. After that, it should work fine. You may need to restart the computer.