You will need
  • Acronis Disc Director, Easy Recovery.
There are many ways to remove a partition on a hard disk. In any case, to restore it you'll need a special program. Use the available option is Acronis Disk Director.
Download this program from official website Install it on your computer.
Run the program. Locate the main control panel of the program. Open the tab "View". Select "Manual mode" of the program.
Examine the list of existing partitions on your hard drives. Find the volume called "Unpartitioned space". The size should roughly match the size of the deleted partition.
Click right mouse button. Open the submenu "Extras" and select "Restore".
A new window will appear with the title "recovery Mode". Select "manual" and click "Next".
A window will open "the Way". Select "Full" and click "Next". Start the process of finding previously available on the disk partitions.
Select the one that you recently deleted. Click "Next". Return to the main menu. Open the tab "actions" and select "Run".
A window will open with the heading "pending transactions." Check the parameters section to be restored and press the "Proceed" button. The execution speed of this process depends on the power of your computer.
If in the process the recovery partition was lost some important files, then install the program Easy Recovery. Start the process of searching for deleted files. Pick the ones that you want to restore and click "Restore selected".