You will need
  • Personal computer, Acronis True Image 8.0
There is a great multifunctional Acronis True Image 8.0. It performs not only data backup but also allows you to restore the hard disk. If you have backup software to do everything can be very fast. Start your computer with diska, which was created earlier. You will see the window True Image. Select "Wizard recovery . Select in the program the location of your image in order to restore it. For Example, E:Imagew2k_admin_05-01-13.tib. Set recovery type, that is, specify "Active". Then click the button "Next". Can change at will the size of the restored data. Specify how many sections you are ready to return. Then click the tab "Start".
Can use for recovery FindNTFS. It is even used in cases when it is not loaded itself to Windows. In order to use this program, download diskthis DOS. It must be written FindNTFS. To get a list of what you want to restore in command prompt type the command "FINDNTFS # 1 1 1 c:recoverlog.txt files" instead of "#" character put number drive. If the hard drive on the computer is one, and the number will be "1". When the program will give you the search results, select the one you want to restore. Remember their numbers. In order to return the information, click "copy". Make sure that you have on diske in folder enough space to restore.
Great program to search for lost files and recovery is TestDisk. Version suitable for DOS, and Linux. Works with FAT partitions; NTFS. Run the program on the computer. You will see a list of available diskagents. You must specify the driveyou wish to recover. Select "analyze". A list will appear with the existing sections. Press Enter and the search will start. After this process is complete, press again "Enter". Then select the item called "search!". New information on the disc will be recorded if you tap 0write". Next you get a restored system. If the computer is a corrupted boot sector partition, then you need to act differently. Select the tab "advanced" and then "boot". The program "Testdisk" will make a comparison of the boot sector with its copy.