You will need
  • - damaged disc;
  • - cotton or silk fabric;
  • is a special antiseptic wipes;
  • - a soft cloth and detergent.
First check whether your disc drive to open and to read the discovered disk. If not, you should not immediately go into a panic, check the disk on another computer. Next, check the media for damage in the form of scratches. Detecting disk cracks, chips or other serious damage, do not attempt to open it on the computer. Otherwise, because of the speed of unwinding it can simply crack in the drive, and you will have another problem in the form of fragments, which then can be removed from the drive.
If the computer has detected the drive but not open it, try to enlist the help of special programs such as BadCopy or SuperCopy. But keep in mind that they can only skip over damaged areas of the disk. This property help you recover audio and video files. As for games, here this method is inefficient.
Try to Polish the carrier with a cotton or silk fabrics. This should be done in the direction from the disk center toward the edges, but in any case not in a circle. Try to do everything very carefully so as not to damage the disc even more. Instead of fabric you can use special anti-static wipes which are sold in any computer store.
Another somewhat unusual way is to put the damaged drive half an hour in the freezer, pre-wrapped it in a plastic bag, which will prevent contact with the damaging moisture. Chilled so the media will take longer to heat up and during this time, the actuator will have time to consider all the information you need. However, be careful not to overdo the drive in the fridge, otherwise it will become brittle, which will subsequently lead to failure.
To access unreadable disc, clean it using a soft cloth and gentle detergent. This will help to clear the disk of fingerprints or stains. After this procedure, wait until the disk is completely dry.