Pets bed bugs, or bed bugs is bugs from 3 to 8 mm in length. The structure of the body resemble its close but harmless relative of the beetle skunk, only the cover body are transparent and in color, you can determine how long the bug drank the blood. Actually this is quite a voracious insect that can drink twice its own weight, that is up to 8 mg of blood.

Bed bugs, a photo of which is above, is very hardy and can live without feeding up to a month, falling into a state similar to hibernation. Hide parasites mainly in the furniture and clothing of owners. Unable to move, and so they often migrate from one compound to another. Also, when the population becomes to large, they can hide in electrical engineering, in books, cracks in the wall, in various irregularities.

The development cycle of bed bugs

Cimex lectularius, and that's how it sounds in Latin, the name bed bug, belongs to the order Hemiptera of insects, but the wings they have. Yes, and they move quite slowly – only half a meter per minute. But it's enough to attack the victim, hiding active because adults are mainly in the furniture.

Цикл развития постельных клопов

They prefer to breed in secret dark places that do not fall into the eyes. The female attaches the eggs to almost any surface using the sticky secret of glands. Over the life cycle, which lasts about a year, she manages to save about 3 thousand eggs. That is up to 10 eggs per day. But a lot depends on the conditions of life of these parasites is the favorable for them, the situation, the faster and more they multiply and develop. Insects don't like cold weather and too high temperature, strong smells.

как избавиться от постельных клопов самостоятельно

What eats bed bugs?

The insect feeds on the blood of warm-blooded animals due to the complex mechanism of the jaws and trunk. When you bite bug injects its victims with anesthetic liquid, so most people don't even feel the bite. There are no such people, they do not bite. Even if a person is sick, has a fever, and so forth, still it is good for them to eat, these parasites are not picky eaters.

домашние клопы

The body of the parasite is not strong enough, so often people crush them, rolling over in my sleep from the discomfort. Though the bite of a bedbug is almost insensitive, people often allergic to a substance that enters the blood for best digestion, manifested in the form of red, itchy plaques on the skin. Who knows – it is night parasites, in the light attack very rarely and from a great famine. The pests can take up to 500 bites, and one and the same individual can take a few bites per night. If on a body there were spots from the bites is the first sign of bed bugs, get rid of them you should immediately.

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs do not transmit dangerous diseases. Although their body of viruses and bacteria, pathogens of various diseases, can be a long time.

How to get rid of bed bugs on your own?

Withdraw and eradicate parasites forever perhaps, and need to do it immediately when detected.

постельные клопы

Parasites live only one day, not like temperature changes. For example, at -20 degrees and below they are almost instantly killed, the same situation occurs at temperatures 50 degrees and above. No air conditioning or anything else are not able to create such a temperature in the apartment. If you vystojat them from the apartment by yourself, then most likely, they will just go dormant. But there are different ways of heat treatment of the premises in which live parasites. Services for the destruction of this method provide professionals specializing in insect control. Such information is important to learn to know how to deal with bedbugs.

Still the most effective way to the question of how to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment, are chemical drugs:

  1. Special mixtures and powders from parasites: "Reopen" and "Reopen".
  2. Liquid pesticides against insects: "Laterin", "Faxid", "Primate", "Get", "Format".
  3. Aerosols and sprays: "Carbosol", "Dichlorvos", "Raptor", "RAID".

как избавиться от постельных клопов в квартире

How to get rid of and what to bring bed bugs, home owners should decide on their own. Processing chemicals should be carried out strictly according to the instructions attached to the tool against insects. The procedure of destruction is divided into several stages, as disposable application tools are selected, the whole population at once to destroy not capable of.