You will need
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - secateurs or scissors;
  • - flammable liquid;
  • - matches;
  • - herbicides;
  • - bayonet spade.
The Hogweed is growing very fast and has great survivability. It can reach huge sizes (up to four meters). In the morning this plant produces so much dew that you can wash your hands or wash. But in any case it is not necessary to approach the cow parsnip, touching this handsome, you risk getting severe burns. Hogweed emit toxic substances, which can cause painful conditions: headache (sometimes unconscious), nausea and vomiting. Especially dangerous is the plant during flowering.
To get rid of this weed forever, it is better to use different methods, so you will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Spend pruning flowers in small areas and at the initial stage of flowering. The key is to use precaution, as the juice of Hogweed in contact with the skin can cause a burn. Be sure to wear rubber gloves on his hands, of clothing a raincoat or some material that will not allow the juice to soak into the clothing. Grasp the umbrella from the bottom and cut off with scissors or secateurs all the flowers.
The following method of combating Hogweed is burning. Because of this you will destroy weed seeds during maturation. Don't miss a moment of the event (before the beginning of fruit ripening in the very large umbrella). This method requires accuracy and special care. Drench umbrellas plants flammable liquid, ignite. Stay away, as in the period of burning of the Hogweed will emit harmful essential oils. Follow all fire safety, not to spill juice on clothes and exposed areas of the body.
Before flowering Hogweed plants treat with herbicides, later treatment is less effective. The concentration of the herbicides used should be double or even triple from prescribed instructions. The effect will be achieved after two or three such treatments with a break in between for two weeks. Liberally apply herbicides generative shoots, leaf rosette, inflorescence.
You can use the manual in a specific way. In the early spring when the plants just start to grow – it's time to go to the infield with a bayonet shovel. It is very important to use a well-sharpened tool. Cut down the growth of cow parsnip (just below the root collar). If you cut the weed above the root may remain for several dormant buds, the plant goes back into growth and produce seeds.