Features of rubber boots

White rubber boots actual fall or spring. The rest of the time keep them in the closet. It is desirable to fill the toe of a news paper that he is not deformed. During storage at boots should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

There are white rubber boots, combined with other materials - suede, leather or fabric. These boots look great on the original procedure, but the care of the shoes, consider the properties of not only rubber, but other materials.
When purchasing boots, be sure to buy a microfiber cloth or soft flannel. They RUB rubber shoes daily. And after that dry boots in a natural way.

Never dry rubber shoes on the battery. It easily dries on their own. If you want to speed up the process, place it inside the electric boot Shoe dryer.

How to clean rubber boots?

To rubber boots lost a good look, just wash them in clean warm water with a small addition of glycerin solution. Remember that vegetable oil is not suitable for cleaning white boots: so you can ruin their color. Glycerin unlike vegetable oils dissolves easily in water. It softens the rubber material. If the boots have a zipper, it is desirable that the water washing did not fall on her.

To scrub the black bands on the boots, and just to remove the dirt, use a soft sponge. For cleaning white rubber boots forbidden to use hard sponges, and sponges with rigid bristles: they mercilessly scratch the rubber. If wash you put rubber boots in a container of water, change the water more often. Do not use dirty water to wash this on them having a divorce. Large pieces of dirt, remove Shoe manually: do not contaminate their water.

Pay special attention to the sole. Do not RUB the brush too heavily so as not to damage the structure of the material. To wash heavily soiled white rubber boots, dip them in a basin of warm, soapy water. Don't use washing chemicals, as they can spoil the white surface. Also avoid contact of rubber boots with acetone, gasoline and kerosene. After washing, wipe the boots dry with a cotton cloth. If black borders are not removed carefully, use a hard white eraser.