Common meanings of dreams about tooth loss

The interpretation of the dream about losing your teeth depends on many nuances: what teeth fall out, healthy or bad, with blood or without blood, front or back, under any circumstances. It is also very important that you feel in the dream and upon awakening. If a dream is causing you a painful feeling, anxiety, discomfort, it is likely that the dream warns you about possible troubles. But if in the morning you do not experience unpleasant emotions quickly and generally cease to remember the dream, it is likely that he does not belong to the category of prophetic, or is just a figment of your night imagination and interpretation of real life through the subconscious.
Treating your sleep independently, which often brings more positive results, do not leave without attention to any one detail of the dream and your own feeling.

Most often, dreams about losing your teeth do not bring good news. Such dreams are associated primarily receive unpleasant news from relatives. For example – about the illness or even the death of one of relatives.

The number of missing teeth is also important – three points of the tooth are saying about trouble coming from the outside, and two of the troubles that can occur by your own fault.

Falling out in dreams teeth can also change job or location, change your environment. The pain that accompanies the loss of teeth during sleep, may indicate health problems in your family.

A dream where you lost teeth can dream as a warning about your lack of self-control in speech. Ie, maybe you are too outspoken in his words, or recklessly share their plans and Affairs, which later should turn against you.
But grown teeth again talking about the welfare of your descendants – children and grandchildren. This leaves them rich and happy life.

Dreams about tooth loss

Female dream book says that falling teeth in a dream for the upcoming trouble, discord or disease. Tooth loss predicts the events that can strike at the pride and dignity of the individual, as well as the destruction of hope. The tooth decay suggests that due to excessive work load and may suffer health.

According to the Italian dream, losing teeth in a dream corresponds to the loss of a positive attitude to life, vitality. If your teeth have you forcibly removed – it warns of possible death in your inner circle or he fear of death.

Dream interpretation Miller in the loss of teeth warns of impending hard times. Broken teeth warn you of enemies in your surroundings. Broken or decayed teeth talking about poor health, which may soon let you down. If you dream you spit out your teeth – the disease can threaten your family. One tooth says about death in your environment, two black bar in your life on your own fault. Pull a tooth says about the unpleasant meeting.

The dream book of Nostradamus fell in sleep teeth talking about the imminent troubles that will come through the fault of the person because of his sluggishness.