Selection criteria of dogs

First we need to choose a dog. If you decide to buy from a breeder that has a large assortment of dogs, first choose the breed that you like.

If buying from a traditional owner of the dogs, you puppies to choose that or he ran, or something unusual.

For your dog to please you and your child as long as possible, you need a very strict approach to the state of her health. In particular, at the time, when you purchase, you should carefully examine the appearance and behavior of the dog.
For the best experience you can immediately pour the milk into a bowl. A bowl is better to put in the kitchen, away from the battery. And the toilet needed just a week until the puppy get used to street walks.

Eyes. They should be clean, free of all accumulations of pus in the corners and any redness.

Nose. Should be moist and cold to the touch.

Legs. Needs to move well. There should not be strict, podragivanija hind legs or claudication.

General appearance. The puppy should be plump and well run.

The advice of the breeder. He obliged himself to tell you about all the features this puppy or his kind.

After a dog brought home, mother or any other family member must show the dog the whole house, and at the end of the inspection to meet with her toilet and bowl.

How to buy a dog on Craigslist

In that case, if you decide to buy a dog on the advertisement, it is better to use the free Internet resources where there owners will be more willing to advertise with photos of their Pets. The best solution – the site "Avito". There is a large number of ads, constantly updated and reliable. In order to use search dogs in this online newspaper, there are two methods: by registering and not registering.
When you register you will have the ability to save the ad or to pay by electronic purse of any payment system.

Go to the website and choose your region: city or region. Click on the selected item. Once on the page of the newspaper, type the name of the breed you want. If you are still undecided with the choice, skip this paragraph. You can also find the breed in the tab "Breed".

Go to categories and choose "Animals" - "Dog". Below note if you want, "photo" and "Search only in name". Then "Find".

In the results look for the dog. If any of this rocks like, click on the ad and see its characteristics. Below you can find the number or email address.