You will need
  • - sick leave;
  • order;
  • - a statement.
According to the Labour code (article 255, Chapter 41), women are allowed to leave under the sick leave. This document gives the pregnant woman a medical facility in which it is registered.
On the basis of medical opinion, the head is of the order granting leave and maternity leave. The number of prenatal leave also establishes the Labor code. According to verse 255, Chapter 44, the duration of maternity leave is 70 calendar days during a normal pregnancy, 84 – in multiple and 90 calendar days - with the radiation conditions.
The order is made in two copies, one of which remains in the personnel Department, the second is sent to the accounting Department for calculation of benefits. The employee should sign both copies, meaning the agreement.
This document must be drawn up in writing, and in any form. Example of the content of it is: "under part VI section XII of Chapter 41, article 255 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation from 30.12.2001 № 197-FZ, in order to provide paid leave for pregnancy and childbirth (the name and title of officer) (insert period) (insert all the data of a leaf of invalidity)".
But before you make the order, the Manager must accept the application of a pregnant employee. It can also in writing ask for the leave to add to paid annual leave to which the order is made according to the form # T-6.
On the basis of the order recorded in the personal card (form T-2), which specifies the period of the Foundation of the home. After that, the accounting Department must calculate maternity leave and benefits.