Open all the Windows in the house. Keep them open as long as weather conditions allow. Turn on the fan. If available an air conditioner or air cleaner – close all Windows and doors and turn on them.
Immediately will make the house burning items that cannot be restored – dishes, appliances, etc. They are the main source of the burning smell. If things can be repaired and cleaned, wash them or set on the balcony for airing.
Hang in the apartment for several large wet rags or towels. When they dry out, rinse again and hang. Damp cloth really absorbs the smoke and fumes. This method helps to get rid of burnt smell in the apartment in a matter of hours.
Aerosol spray to eliminate odors. Use this tool carefully, its concentration in the air is harmful to humans and animals.
Wash all surfaces in the apartment (walls, ceiling, furniture, window and door frames, etc.). For this purpose, dilute in warm water a little vinegar. Make sure to explore a MOP for hard to reach places.
Wash all things that were not hidden in cupboards, and which could eat into odor – bedspreads, pillows, curtains, towels. Arrange the wet carpet cleaning. All the stuff after washing, as well as textiles that cannot be washed, air in the fresh air for a day or two.
Put on the stove a pot of water, adding a few drops of vinegar, aromatic herbs (peppermint, Melissa, chamomile, etc.), or sliced lemon. Let the composition of the well precipated.
Best of all absorb the smell of burning textiles and paper Wallpaper. Because if done all the steps to get rid of the smell of burning still did not help, arrange redecorating – change the Wallpaper.