You will need
  • - sheets and towels,
  • - vinegar or ammonia,
  • - coffee beans.
The first step is to clean and repair the ventilation system since it is the first assistant in the fight against bad breath. Open all doors and Windows in the apartment. If you have an air purifier or air conditioner, then it is better to turn it on (but in this case, have on the contrary, close all doors and Windows).
Get rid of all the things that were affected by fire, especially if they are not subject to restoration and repair. As these items may be a source of odor. fumes. Washed and repaired items must be thoroughly aired on the balcony or loggia.
Swipe wet cleaning at home, don't forget to thoroughly wash walls, doors, Windows, floor and ceiling. To do this, add water, a little vinegar or ammonia. With this solution you will be able not only to eliminate the formed soot, but also to recapture the smell of burning. Can use a steam cleaner, it will greatly facilitate the cleaning process and help to get to remote places.
A damp cloth is wonderful it absorbs the smell of smoke and fumes, so be sure to take advantage of this feature. Take large towels or sheets, a good soak them and hang throughout the apartment. After they dry, soak them again and hang. The effectiveness of this method is significantly higher than other methods.
Not do without wet cleaning of carpets and washing of things that were in the closet. Then thoroughly air them in the fresh air. Don't forget to do the same thing with bedspreads and curtains.
In the alternative, can use a special spray that eliminates the smell of smoke. But given their chemical origin, should not get involved with this method, because the health of family and Pets in the house much more important.