Open the file in Paint. To do this, run the application itself. In the window that appears, click the left top button, a white rectangle on a blue background. In the drop-down menu, click "Open" and locate the image. As an alternative, locate the file in Windows Explorer, select it by clicking on the right mouse button and from the drop down menu, select "Open with", and Paint.
If you need to reduce the magnification to a large picture fit in the window, use the slider in the lower right corner. By default it is at 100%, moving it to the left or clicking on the icon " – " will decrease the size of the photos when you view half of each previous scale.
If you need to crop a picture, i.e. cut off the unnecessary parts, first use the command "Select" on the Home tab. Please note that you can choose form the selection. To do this, open the submenu of the command "select" and activate it in one of the following: "Rectangular area" or "Arbitrary".
Then hold down the left mouse button, select part of the image you want to keep. Then click on the Crop command (next to "Select"). As a result, you will only area that was within the selection. This operation not only removes unnecessary parts of the image, but reduces the "weight" of the file.
In order to reduce the volume occupied by the photograph, without removing any of its parts, use the command "Change size" (also near "Select"). After activating the command, you will see the window for setting the parameters change.
Make sure that the "Maintain aspect ratio" checkbox is checked. Select the main parameter of the calculation: percentage or pixels. Enter the desired value in the field "horizontal", "vertical" will be filled in automatically. Click OK to apply the new settings.
If you need to reduce the file size to a certain "weight", for example, to embed on the website, you can check the resulting value from the comfort of Paint. To do this, click "Save" and look at the bottom information bar of the program. It indicates the current size of the image in pixels and kilobytes (megabytes). If the resulting size is still high, repeat steps 5-6.