You will need
  • - installed software "Photoshop", for any version.
Low resolution image always affects picture quality, especially when its size is changed in a big way. But if a little pokoldovat with pixels, it is possible to get a pretty good photo.
Run it on your computer "Photoshop". This can be done by clicking on the icon, if available on the desktop or via menu "start" choose "All programs" and find the one you need.
When the program opens, add the necessary for processing the image. To do this, in the menu bar, click on "File" and navigate to the option "Open as" or use the hot keys Alt+Shift+Ctrl+O. Then select the location of the image and click "Open".
After the photo appears in the working window, locate the menu bar item "Image". Click on it and go to "image Size". Slightly faster this section will help move down buttons simultaneously Alt+Ctrl+I.
Then in the table, enter the dimensions of the image, specifying its width and height, in pixels or percent. In these rows represent the actual scale of the drawing. And in the lower graph reflects the print size and photo resolution. Here you can enter the required value. Just keep in mind that changing some parameters will change accordingly and more. At least the photo size is definitely affected.
If necessary, put the check marks in columns "Scale style", "Preserve aspect ratio" and "Interpolate". Select one of the following interpolation. Great bicubic for smooth gradients, "adjacent pixels" - retains a sharp edge, bicubic marked "smoother" is the best option to enlarge the photo, marked "clearer" - perfect to reduce.
You can also use the automatic selection of image resolution. Specify the new size of the photo quality (draft, good or best), and the program will select the best option for the specified parameters.
To save a picture of the changes in moving from menu "File" to "Save as" or the keys Shift+Ctrl+S. Then specify the format and file name and click Save.
You can also save changes to the original image. In this case, use the "Save" buttons or Alt+Ctrl+C.
Rename the image and specify the destination folder to which you want to place the photo. Your actions change the resolution of the image is finished.