You will need
  • A sheet of paper, pen, computer, printer, Fax, envelope.
Ask relatives or friends living in USA, to write a guest invitation in any form. It is possible to write by hand or type on computer and print on the printer. Mandatory private invitation: who invites whom, when and for how long. The names are written in Latin letters as in passport, date of birth and passport number. Another necessary clarification – who is funding the trip, health insurance: the citizen of Russia, who invited in guests, or a representative of the host, which must have legal status in the US and confirm your income.
Find a sample of a guest invitation. For example, on tourist sites. Change the dates, names and addresses on your own. Prepared then send an invitation your relatives or friends living in USA. Let the one who invites, I will add the missing information, print an invitation, personally sign it and send it to you by mail or Fax. You and e-mail, but in this case, the required signature of the author of the invitation. American relatives, there is no need to assure a private invitation by a notary.
In the absence of acquaintances in the territory of the USA contact the American travel Agency with the application on one of the tours. You will be sent an invitation of the receiving party on company letterhead with the stamp and date of the selected travel. As a rule, pre-payment vouchers are not required and is issued as an invitation for free. Often, however, each of these agencies take a Deposit about $150. This amount is then counted in the payment of the tour. Only in two cases the amount of bail did not return back to. If you are denied a visa, or if you don't want to travel with this tour company.
Will receive an invitation in the USA using specializing in these services the Agency. Employees of such companies in addition to invitations will help to find a suitable hospital for the treatment and diagnosis of health and explain the choice of place of study and work, will select a thematic exhibition, register for participation in the conference will contribute to get you are interested in the seminar. And, if necessary, will assist in purchasing tickets, will meet you at the airport, arrange hotel accommodation.