Advice 1: How to make an invitation

Always nice to get not only an oral invitation to the celebration, but with a heart decorated invitation cards. In order to properly issue an invitation, don't need to know any special rules (of course, this does not apply to invitations for events of the highest level). The main thing here is to keep the conciseness and creative approach to the process.
How to make an invitation

If you want to create invitations to a family celebration, in addition to writing skills you will need the ability to work in specialized graphics programs that will help you quickly and efficiently to issue the invitation.

First you need to establish with the so-called target audience, which you intend to send the fruits of their work. If the event involves children. For example, children's birthday, new year or Christmas, then you need to include a maximum of imagination and to remember all the heroes of cartoons which your children like.

For large celebrations, which are clearly part of a wedding and anniversaries, are more formal invitations, which must contain the following information:

• who invites (the couple, the celebrant);

• what event date (wedding, anniversary);

• day and time of the event;

• location;

• you can specify a certain dress code and so on

About the text of the invitation might look like this:

Dear Nikolai and Svetlana!

You are invited to attend the ceremonial Banquet dedicated to the nuptials. We will be happy to see you among the guests in the restaurant "Cosmos", which is located on Gogol street, 87.

The Banquet will be held on 22 June 2010 at 15.00.

With respect and love Catherine and Peter.

In addition, if on the occasion it is planned to invite only close people may deviate from the standards and make it more fun, devoid of cliché and dry the invitation.

If we talk about the design of invitations to official events such as press conferences or forums, here you should almost always adhere to the standards and accuracy of presentation of the essence of the event.

In that case, if your event will be held in an obscure place, definitely the invitation will include a detailed itinerary and method of travel. This will allow you not only to provide themselves with good reviews from the press or other guests, but will allow time to start the event or virtually eliminate delays among the guests.


Advice 2: How to make an invitation in photoshop

No full-fledged celebration, at which people await is not complete without beautiful party invitations. The invitation to the feast is already a part of the celebration, they cook people to your event, they create a special holiday mood, which is why it is so important to create an unusual and beautiful invitation using the graphic editor Photoshop.
How to make an invitation in photoshop
Depending on what holiday you are going to invite guests to a wedding, an anniversary, or a birthday – you can download from the Internet the theme templates invitations. You can also draw an invitation from scratch.
Go to the process of designing invitations creative – think of a background, patterns, labels, and the very structure of the invitation can be as simple cards, and a two-page cards. However, if you don't have skills in Photoshop, use templates invitations.
Download the template, whose design you like, then open it in Adobe Photosop. You will see the unfolding future invitations and forms, prepared for labeling. Sign the invitation at the toolbar in Photoshop, select the option Horizontal Type Tool.
Click the left mouse button in the beginning of the line in which you have to enter your text and choose a beautiful font from the font list. Select the color and size of your font, and then enter the names of guests and the invitation text.
Don't forget to subscribe. If necessary, move the text layer, adjust it under the position of the rows of the invitation by using the Move Tool. Fill in all the lines of the template, print it on a color printer by selecting the File menu the option Print.
If you have the template there and the front side of the invitation, flip a printed sheet and reinsert it into the printer. Print the front side of the invitation. Then cut the invitation in the loop and bend.

Advice 3: How to get an invitation in the USA

It is believed that the United States is open for tourists and migrants who meet certain criteria (e.g., level of education and financial situation). This is partly true, however, before any visitor to the States is unavoidable "paper" issue, a visa is not easy. However, somewhat alleviate the situation, maybe an invitation in the USA.
How to get an invitation in the USA
If you want to get a visa at the invitation, you will need to provide documents from the American side, if you chose the purpose of their trip. The list includes the invitation or specific businessinvitation (if you go to USA for work; copy of passport or card of resident of the US; be sure to share photos as proof of your direct acquaintance.
The procedure for obtaining invitations and visas it is simple and takes a maximum half an hour. But you will avoid a mere formality, but the interview at the Embassy or Consulate where you can ask questions related to the host and to elucidate the accuracy of your information. How much do you know about those who you invite. For example, questions such as:
what is your connection with the host side;
- who exactly is inviting you and on what terms;
- the place of your actual residence in the United States.
Of course, the timing of applying for a visa neither more nor less dependent on inter-state relations, from the practice that prevailed between the countries of the required passports, travel purposes, etc. And on arrival at the site, you again have a similar procedure of interview with the representative of the United States. The questions are similar, and in principle, you shouldn't be surprised that they will be set in English about the purpose of the visit, about who you will meet, how long you plan to stay, etc.
By the way, the visa invitation in USA – the most popular visa is requested at the American Embassy. And documents from the inviting party, – a required element of its design. And if you invite relatives, apply confirming the family connection document. Then the problems with the visa will not.

Advice 4: How to make an invitation in the USA

Any visit to the United States begins with the official invitation. Even if you just want to visit friends or relatives. Or take a guided tour. What is the easiest way to get an invitation in the US?
How to make an invitation in the USA
You will need
  • A sheet of paper, pen, computer, printer, Fax, envelope.
Ask relatives or friends living in USA, to write a guest invitation in any form. It is possible to write by hand or type on computer and print on the printer. Mandatory private invitation: who invites whom, when and for how long. The names are written in Latin letters as in passport, date of birth and passport number. Another necessary clarification – who is funding the trip, health insurance: the citizen of Russia, who invited in guests, or a representative of the host, which must have legal status in the US and confirm your income.
Find a sample of a guest invitation. For example, on tourist sites. Change the dates, names and addresses on your own. Prepared then send an invitation your relatives or friends living in USA. Let the one who invites, I will add the missing information, print an invitation, personally sign it and send it to you by mail or Fax. You and e-mail, but in this case, the required signature of the author of the invitation. American relatives, there is no need to assure a private invitation by a notary.
In the absence of acquaintances in the territory of the USA contact the American travel Agency with the application on one of the tours. You will be sent an invitation of the receiving party on company letterhead with the stamp and date of the selected travel. As a rule, pre-payment vouchers are not required and is issued as an invitation for free. Often, however, each of these agencies take a Deposit about $150. This amount is then counted in the payment of the tour. Only in two cases the amount of bail did not return back to. If you are denied a visa, or if you don't want to travel with this tour company.
Will receive an invitation in the USA using specializing in these services the Agency. Employees of such companies in addition to invitations will help to find a suitable hospital for the treatment and diagnosis of health and explain the choice of place of study and work, will select a thematic exhibition, register for participation in the conference will contribute to get you are interested in the seminar. And, if necessary, will assist in purchasing tickets, will meet you at the airport, arrange hotel accommodation.
Useful advice
Family members issued one invitation. If the group goes, and it does not consist of family members, each must be issued a separate invitation to the US.

Advice 5: How to make an invitation to Latvia

To issue the invitation to Latvia for their relatives, friends or employees, you will have to prepare certain documents in each case.
How to make an invitation to Latvia
You have the right to invite in Latvia relative, a friend, an employee, if you: - are a citizen of Latvia;- are an alien with a permanent residence permit in Latvia;- are foreigner with a valid temporary residence permit in Latvia (invitation only for close relatives);- are a citizen of one EU country and have the registration certificate of the Republic of Latvia;- is the representative of the Latvian state institutions or legal entities registered in the country.
If you are an individual and wish to invite a relative or friend in Latvia, submit to the Office of citizenship and migration the following documents:- identity document;- information about invited foreigner (name and surname in Latin transcription, the status, date and place of birth, gender, address of residence abroad, occupation, purpose of visit, place and time of stay in the country);- information about your occupation and income (if you are going to take all expenses for the stay of a foreigner in Latvia itself);- receipt on state duty payment.
Be prepared for the fact that you can ask for documents and evidence to prove the existence of kinship or friendship. If in Latvia invited parents, the spouse (spouse), grandparents, grandchildren, then you need to provide evidence of the family relationship and to certify by his signature that the invited foreigner is not to be burdened with their presence, the social assistance system.
If you are a representative of a legal entity or state institution of the Republic of Latvia, you will need the following documents:- identity document;- power of attorney (can be included in the application);- application form;- receipt for payment of registration fee.
Prepare and proof of relationship of the foreigner with your company or institution (contracts, minutes, invoices, etc.). In addition, you will need to provide proof of the legality of being a citizen of another country on the territory of Latvia (for example, to submit certified confirmation of this from the head of the organization).
If you are a representative of the employer, you, in addition to the documents provided by the organizations, it will require legalized copies of the documents of the employee (including education and training), as well as the license for activity implementation (if needed).
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