If you want to create invitations to a family celebration, in addition to writing skills you will need the ability to work in specialized graphics programs that will help you quickly and efficiently to issue the invitation.

First you need to establish with the so-called target audience, which you intend to send the fruits of their work. If the event involves children. For example, children's birthday, new year or Christmas, then you need to include a maximum of imagination and to remember all the heroes of cartoons which your children like.

For large celebrations, which are clearly part of a wedding and anniversaries, are more formal invitations, which must contain the following information:

• who invites (the couple, the celebrant);

• what event date (wedding, anniversary);

• day and time of the event;

• location;

• you can specify a certain dress code and so on

About the text of the invitation might look like this:

Dear Nikolai and Svetlana!

You are invited to attend the ceremonial Banquet dedicated to the nuptials. We will be happy to see you among the guests in the restaurant "Cosmos", which is located on Gogol street, 87.

The Banquet will be held on 22 June 2010 at 15.00.

With respect and love Catherine and Peter.

In addition, if on the occasion it is planned to invite only close people may deviate from the standards and make it more fun, devoid of cliché and dry the invitation.

If we talk about the design of invitations to official events such as press conferences or forums, here you should almost always adhere to the standards and accuracy of presentation of the essence of the event.

In that case, if your event will be held in an obscure place, definitely the invitation will include a detailed itinerary and method of travel. This will allow you not only to provide themselves with good reviews from the press or other guests, but will allow time to start the event or virtually eliminate delays among the guests.